Kid’s Activities

**Please be advised of the following: If you have a child that will be using the Kid’s Activities area each parent/guardian will be required to sign up for 1 hour of time per child that utilizes the area. You may schedule this time at your convivence at check-in. These hours are non-negotiable if your kid’s utilize the area you will be required to work the area. You may elect, if you have others in your group over the age of 15, to ask them to fill in for your hours.**

One thing that we want to make sure of is that CauldronFest is a Family Friendly event. In order to promote that we wanted to make sure to offer plenty of kids activities… Below you will find a listing of the activities we will be doing with your kids, and heck some of these might even be for the kids at heart. Feel free to read over this page to see what we plan!

  1. Bubble Machine
  2. Shaving Cream Pool with Toys
  3. Finger Painting
  4. Water Painting with Spray Bottles
  5. Coloring
  6. Scavenger Hunt
  7. Paper Plate Shakers
  8. Rain Makers
  9. Mini May Poles
  10. Pine Cone Bird Feeders
  11. Karaoke
  12. Bag Races
  13. Tug of War
  14. 3 Legged Race
  15. Egg Race
  16. Corn Hole

Kid’s Area Information

  1. Most activities will interest ages 3-10.
  2. The kid’s activities area will open up at 8:45am on Friday and Saturday only. It will close at 5pm on Friday, and close at 4:45pm on Saturday. This will allow kids to attend ritual if parents so desire.
  3. We highly suggest bringing: sunscreen, extra clothing, swim suite, and towel
  4. You will need to sign your child in and out of the kid’s activities area.
  5. You must escort your child to the kid’s area, DO NOT SEND THEM ALONE. Someone over the age of 18 must sign them in or out.
  6. You may assign others to pick up your child from the kid’s area, but they must be over the age 18. Do not send someone not listed your child will not be released to them.
  7. Please remind your child that those working in the Kid’s Area are considered staff members during their time with us. Ask them to be polite and cooperative with them. Any child that is not will be returned and will not be allowed to return to the kids area.
  8. Kids will be provided with a meal at lunch. You are welcome to come eat with them if you so desire.
  9. The staff and volunteers are not medical professionals, and as such we are legally not allowed to administer any medications. If your child has to take a medication at a specific time or for a medical condition you must come to the kid’s area and provide them with that medication.
  10. Your child will not be allowed to leave the kid’s area until you come and get them. If at any time your child needs you a member of our staff will come find you.
  11. You must sign up for volunteer time when you first drop your child off at the start of the day.
  12. We highly suggest that you provide your child with a large button down shirt to place over their regular clothing to protect their clothes during messy activities.
  13. For those that are young enough to take a nap during the day we highly suggest you bring a pillow and blanket for naptime.
  14. If you send a walkie-talkie with your child this is fine, but it will be turned off during their time with us in the kid’s area. It will only be used in the case of an emergency. This includes cells and tablets.
  15. When you drop off your child you will need to ensure we have a list of all allergies including medications and food.

Time Out Chair

We will be using a time out chair for all children under the age of 10. Your child will first be warned to stop their bad behavior twice, and if after this your child will be placed in time out for a certain amount of time. If the behavior continues or worsens you will be contacted and asked to collect your child. Your child will no longer be permitted to come to the kids area for the rest of the event.

For those ages 11-14

For those ages 11-14 we will provide a small games area where they can gather to play board games and card games. Each night we will also provide a smores roast as well. Other activities will also be provided as needed. We also suggest that they bring a swim suite and towel. Those in this age range may attend adult workshops with their parents/guardian’s permission.