Vendor’s Row

We welcome you to our current listing of vendors. These are the vendors that we have approved to join us for CauldronFest 2022!

Do you love handcrafted soaps, lotions, bath bombs, and even candles? Come join The Enchanted Garden at CauldronFest 2022! We will have all of our great detergent free soaps, and other products for you to take a few sniffs and whiffs. We are also a proud sponsor of this Event!

I am an intuitive reader, reiki master, and crystal healer. I make gemstone jewelry, tiaras, and trees. I also make oil blends that use crystals.

The whole creation of this store started out when I noticed the lack of Pride in our Community. Living in the Bible Belt we are pretty much the black sheep in the flock and I wanted to create a place that people can come and not be judged for what they believe in, what they practice, and what kind of lifestyle they love. I wanted a place where you are free to be who you are and you can find the supplies you need. I have written four books so far, based on the information I had customers constantly seeking answers for. I absolutely love the community and family we have created in Madison, AL and it gives me such pride to see my customers step into a deeper connection with themselves. In our store we are actually a vendor of The Hippie Butterfly which is a metaphysical and head shop. They have over 9 vendors in there now and among them we have Carolyn Marie who owns Angelic Light Energies. She is an incredible Energy Worker and she sells Pendulums.

Are you parched? Need a snack to get you through the day? Check out The Cauldron! Provided by the Friends of CauldronFest this is where you can find some great snack items to hold you over until the next meal of the day. Below are the menu items we will be providing:

  • Brownies – $2
  • Cookies – $2
  • Mac and Cheese Cups – $1
  • Hot Dogs – $2
  • Hamburger – $3 with Cheese $4
  • Fruit – $1
  • Fruit Snacks – $.75
  • Granola Bars – $1
  • Popcorn – $1
  • Chips – $.75
  • Candy – $2
  • Can Sodas – $1
  • Bottled Water – $1

The Cauldron will only be open Friday and Saturday from 9am until 9pm.

We began selling online 2016. We wanted to offer traditional true handmade wood items. Graydon was taught his skills from his grandfather. So all of our handmade wood products are just that, HANDMADE. We go out find tree’s that people are disposing of and we save that tree. Then after milling the tree, we air dry the lumber, then we let the lumber tell us what it wants to become. Letting the tree spirit speak to us. Graydon is the carpenter. He can take my (Marie) craziest thoughts of products and it come true.
We offer one of a kind piece’s. Because of our process each piece is never a carbon copy of it’s self. Graydon has the skills to build anything. What he doesn’t have is the imagination to dream up different items. That is were I come in to play. I have those wild out of the box ideal’s. While he creates the wood products, I make jewelry, candles, salts, reupholster items. I breath new life into old things. We are each other’s yin & yang….

I am an artist, crafter, and creator. Until covid hit, I had a studio at Lowe Mill Arts in Huntsville, AL called Mythic Mermaid Arts. My work is based in my spirituality, nature, space, and the world around me as well as pop culture and comic books! I have also recently gotten back into crafting ritual tools and pagan decor with a focus on practical items that can be used for decorative, or practical purposes such as incense burners and candle holders that double as offering dishes.

The Black Flame Craft Co. was born out of a passion for crafting/creating and a not-so-very subtle nudge from divinity to step out and make it happen. My commitment when I launched this company was an unwavering focus on quality, to provide authentic items for the spooky/witchy folks like myself, and to run a fair and ethical business. Being the lone creator of this brand allows me to maintain my resolve on those focuses. Every single item is created by a single set of hands- mine. Hours of research and testing backs every item that I produce. I create tumblers, jewelry, personalized cutting/charcuterie boards, altar boards, signs, keychains and more. The list of my offerings seems to keep growing and I am embracing it and rolling with it!

Sacred Treasures is an esoteric supply vendor.We have T-Shirts,
ornate boxes, homemade incense sticks, incense stick burners, essential oils, knives, and figurines. We
order new products as we can, so our items grow with each vending event. Robert, my husband used to
run a Pagan store in London, England, and did festivals in England as well. I always wanted to do vending
ever since my first Pagan Pride Day event (2002) And here we are for 5 years doing events. (until covid).
Looking forward to meeting new folks, and incorporating new aspects of our business.