Vendor and Intuitive Guidelines

Vendor Guidelines

  • In order to become a vendor you must apply via our website by going here.
  • All vendors must submit image of their products and booth layouts to be reviewed by our selection committee.
  • We will not be accepting vendors considered “Direct Sales”. In example Partylite or Avon.
  • Vendors will be selected via a Committee, and will be announced no later than March 1st, 2022!
  • Vendors will not be charged a vending fee, in leu of this we are asking vendors to donate one to two items for a silent auction. This item must be dropped off at registration when you arrive on site.
  • Vendors are expected to be on site no later than 5pm on Friday.
  • As part of our vendor agreement vendors are asked not to leave the event site no earlier than 9pm on Saturday evening. This is unless a previous agreement has been made with the Vendor Manager or Site Manager.
  • Vendors may provide ritual tools such as swords and athames, but those must remain sheathed.
  • Vendors must provide their own tents or coverings for their vending location. You must also provide your own tables, displays, chairs, electrical cords, and power strips. Please be advised while you will have electrical supply near your vending location the supply is limited, and you may trip the breaker.
  • Vendors will be placed in an area deemed vendors row. Your tent must be set up near your cabin, or you may set up in the ball field located in the center of the venue. You will be sharing your vendor area with one other vendor or one of the initiatives.
  • Vending tents must be no larger than 10×20 feet.
  • All vendors will be required to pay for admission to the event… This is not a vending fee.

Intuitive Guidelines

  • In order to be selected as an intuitive for the event potential intuitive must interview with a member of the organizing committee. During this interview the intuitive will be asked to perform a reading for that member.
  • In order to be considered you must put in an application to be an intuitive by going here.
  • As with vendors Intuitive Readers will not be charged a fee, but will be required to pay an admissions fee for the event.
  • In leu of a fee to be a reader you will be asked to provide one reading to the event auction.
  • We will be providing an indoor location for readers to perform their readings. You may elect to provide a 10×10 tent to set up outside of the provided location.
  • You will need to provide a table and a chair for yourself and your client.
  • Readers are welcome to set their own fees for their type of readings. We have set a requirement that no reader should charge more than $45 for an hour long reading.
  • Readers may accept tips, and are encouraged to place tip jars.
  • Other guidelines may be added if needed…