Intuitive Reader Row

We invite you to join us on our Intuitive Reader Row where those that are focused on primarily Intuitive Reading will be grouped together at the event. Readers will be located both inside and outside. Readers may set their own rates for readings, and you will pay them directly. Please be advised all readers are cash only due to lack of cellular service at the venue.

The Reader: The Spirit Witch

About the Reader: The Spirit Witch began her path as a Witch and a spiritualist psychic medium in Chesterfield, England. Thru the Spiritualist National Union and their Spiritualist churches, she created a name for herself doing weekly platform work, teaching groups, trance mediumship events, and performing readings worldwide. If you are looking to contact your loved ones in the spirit world, speak with your guides and helpers, or to find out what your future has in store, then Rachael is the reader for you.

Types of Readings Available: Tarot, Oracle Cards, Mediumship

Reading Cost: 15 mins for $20, 30 mins for $45, and 60 minutes for $60

The Reader: Atalanta Moonfire

About the Reader: I have been practicing divination for over 25 years. Previously focusing on tarot, I now focus on reading the bones and have done so for approximately 11 years. Currently, I am on tour for my book, Throwing the Bones Divination for the Modern Practitioner. Throwing bones is an unique form of divination. I think it would be a great addition to your event! My bio is on my website for more information.

Type of Reading Available: Throwing Bones

Reading Cost: Coming Soon!

The Reader: The Original Threads of Fate

About the Reader/Reading: Thread art reading is a completely new form of Divination that uses your own hand in creating original and beautiful artwork used as a guide into your past, present and future. You don’t have to be an artist to create something amazing that you get to keep after the reading through the Art of Divination and the Divination of Art.

Type of Reading Available: Palmology, Thread Art Reading

Reading Cost: Palm Reading (Between 15-20 mins) $30, Thread Art Reading on Art Paper (Includes a bag with a backing)- $40, Thread Art Reading on Canvas – $45

The Reader: Angela Wade

About the Reader/Reading: I am an intuitive tarot reader, Reiki master, and crystal healer. I have been reading for the public for about 16 years. I have done several public events and enjoy reading for the public. I also specialize in cord cuttings and aura cleansing and alignment.

Type of Readings Available: Tarot, Reki, and Crystal Healing

Reading Cost: Tarot Reading: 15 minutes for $15 and 30 minutes for $25. For other services please talk to the reader at her boot about pricing and scheduling.

The Reader: Sally Mellring

I was first drawn to Tarot whilst in college, (while learning about everything far too rapidly), and have great friends to thank for that. One is even being commissioned in making a CUSTOM DECK for me right now!! As many readers, I’d love to try them all and hoard, but my first decks (yes, plural, I’m spoiled!) were given by that friend group. I now have a singular Tarot and Oracle deck on me about all times, and love them as though they were my children (hey, I don’t have any).
As a person, I’m very obsessive about rules and following them. Tarot was my way to finally break free of constriction and learn who I truly was – which at the base, is always the entertainer. I poke no fun at the art of the cards, but I still try to make the “cards are calling me out” messages come across as stories more than Mama’s harsh words. My heart was screaming “read the person, not the cards,” and for many years, my studies were lacking. I’m happy to be in my Tarot support groups and have these friends to this day, but it’s not easy being right all the time (HA!!!!). Am I wrong? Oh, surely. Probably often. Is it fun? Of course. Cards are always fun!