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Come join Friends of CauldronFest as we celebrate our first CauldronFest! Come join us in the gorgeous peak of the Cumberland Plateau at Fall Creek Falls State Park. Our event will host many workshops, vendors, great food, entertainment, and even a Kick-Off Party on Friday Evening. Wake up every morning with the chance to see the Deer enjoying their morning breakfast as you dine in the dining hall! This three night, two and a half day event will be the great escape that everyone needs after a trying few years! Register today as space is limited!


Join us for the CauldronFest Kickoff Party!

We are excited to announce that Friends of CauldronFest will be hosting a Kickoff Party on Friday evening for those that show up early for the event. We will provide hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, and sodas for all those that show up early. This will be a great time to socialize with all your fellow attendees. We will have music, dancing, and even a bonfire for everyone to enjoy! All this will be included in your ticket purchase! We invite you to dress in your witchy attire or any comfortable clothing you desire!


Where spirit and music meet ~ The music of award winning, spiritually inspiring singer-songwriter Ginger Doss ranges from funky tribal drumming to alt rock and from heart warming ballads to earth shaking calls to the divine. Joining her will be her long time musical cohort Lynda Millard whose amazing vocals and dazzling flute and bass thrill music lovers of all types. When ginger and lynda join their voices and songs inspired by the search for sacred revelation, the connection between their souls and the energy they raise is palpable. Together they have a harmonic grace and command of their instruments that can only come from years of playing and singing together. Drum, dance and journey on sparkling waves of musical bliss as they weave their melodic magic with rocking grooves and spine tingling harmonies that have earned them international acclaim.

New reward for registering early!

The Friends of CauldronFest are excited to announce something special for those whom register by January 1st, 2022! After some discussion it was decided that offering just a shirt as a reward to register early was not enough! So we have decided to make a few of the classes that we will be offering as “Early Bird Only”. These classes will only be offered for those whom register before our Early Bird Ticket pricing ends. Some of the classes are free, and some do have a material’s fee that must be paid. If you would like to attend one of these classes please keep an eye open for an email from cauldronfestevent@gmail.com or EventBrite after January 1st with a registration form for the class. You will need to register before the event for these classes so we can ensure enough materials are available!

Exciting News from The Friends of CauldronFest! After much discussion the organizers feel that we need to do something more than what we are doing with any proceeds from the event. We have decided that we need to make a difference in other’s lives… As such The Friends of CauldronFest has decided that when all things are said and done we will be making a donation to NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness. We will take 15% of our proceeds and donate it to NAMI within 30 days of the event.We chose NAMI because we felt that in some way all of us have been touched by someone who has been affected by mental illness. The hope is that the donation will help NAMI reach those who need it the most!


Tish Owen

Tish Owen is a practicing witch and has been for almost 30 years. She
was HP for Witches of the Woods for 15 years and is the HP of SPIRAL,
a Pagan church under the umbrella of ATC. Tish owned the Goddess and
the Moon shop for 25 years, and she is the coordinator of Pagan Unity
Festival which is now in its 24 year. She is the author of 4 books and
she acts like she might know a thing or two.

Suzie Zurn

Madame Zee is a feminine empowerment leader who has been involved in the Wiccan and Pagan communities for over 25+ years, teaching Witches how to live a more Witchy and enchanted lifestyle.

She’s the High Priestess of Madame Zee’s School of Witchery and Leader of an Online Virtual Coven and Mentorship Program, The High Priestess of Magick Mastery Academy.

Madame Zee is a world-traveling, knowledge-seeking, Mother Earth lovin’, Goddess-honoring, crystal hoarder, Professional Tarot and Spiritual Counselor, Spiritual Life Coach, Conjure Worker, & Master Spell Caster. She’s that Witch who lives her life connected to Mother Earth and walks with the Goddess daily.

She excels at introducing new and old practitioners alike to Tarot cards, crystals, witchy woo, occult studies, darker mysteries, and other empowering earth-based metaphysical practices into their lives. She encourages her Witchy students to create their own type of Magick. Their “special sauce Magick” that works for them and forget the BS that others say you should be doing in your Craft.

Madame Zee currently mentors Witches looking to expand their spiritual practice by empowering them with the tools and guidance they need to master their craft in her High Priestess of Magick Mastery Academy.

She has been Witchin before Witchin was cool! Madame Zee is a devoted High Priestess of the Craft and initiated into the Cauldron of the Witches Moon Coven.

She’s a 4th Degree Pagan High Priestess, Master Tarot Counselor, Sacred Circle Facilitator, Spirit Communicator, Demonologist, Women’s Retreat Leader & powerful AF Witch!

She’s knowledgeable in her Craft & makes it easy for people to learn Magick. Madame Zee takes all of the confusion out of Witchcraft & she breaks it down for her student’s to learn. Everyday Witchin is her jam!

Madame Zee’s credentials include Certified High Priestess, Certified Demonologist and Paranormal Investigator, Past Life Regression/Reader, Certified Tarot Reader, a contributor for Witch Way Magazine, Presenter for WitchCon, Certified Moon Circle Facilitator, Owner of Witches Gathering online Event, co-owner of Paranormal Seance Event Company, and so much more.

She celebrates every win with her students and is the guiding light through their dark times.

FUN FACTS: Madame Zee holds an MBA, loves dancing, world traveler, horror flicks, conspiracy theories, documentary junky, foodie, oddities and curiosities collector, museum lover, & loves to experience other cultures.

Karin Dahlstrom

Karin is a völva & follows the norse shamanic healing path of her ancestors. She is a spiritual teacher & practitioner of Trolldom, rune stone & oracle card reader, as well as a certified crystal practitioner.
-Trolldom mentorship with author & professional trolldom practioner Johannes Björn Gårdbäck.
-Certified Master Crystal Practioner, Master Rune Reader and Angelic Healing Practitioner certified by IAOTH, the International Academy Of Therapists with over 25 years experience in counseling, music & art ministries.
-Certified in Rún Valdr, working in Sweden as a freelance artist & greatly influenced by the shamanic & animistic works of authors Maria Kvilhaug and Dr. Rune Rasmussen of Uppsala University, Sweden
-U.S. mentorship with Dr. Athena Parrakis.
-Graduate of NCCC SUNY & undergraduate work at SUNY Buffalo State.
-Apprenticed by my beloved Swedish American skald father, artist and editorial cartoonist, Carl Richard Dahlstrom.
-Professional Rune Reader


I am a two- headed hoodoo man and Hechicero ( Spanish word for sorcerer) residing in wonderful northern Michigan. I have been practicing for collectively 25 years . I am family trained in both hoodoo and brujeria, furthering my hoodoo training with a mentor in New Orleans. I specialize in domination and cross- up work.

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The shirts for CauldronFest 2022: Renewal and Rebirth arrived today! We are excited for the event, and to see everyone in April! Please note that we only have 150 shirts available! If you would like a shirt please register ASAP! Once we hit 150 registrations we will be unable to ensure you have a shirt! To register for the event and to find out more head on over to cauldronfest.com today!🙃 See MoreSee Less
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So cannot wait to hear Ginger Live! 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 See MoreSee Less
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Would anyone be interested in purchasing one of these bumper stickers? If you are interested please message the page or post here with your name, PayPal Email, and number of stickers you need/ want! They will cost $5 each We will invoice you via PayPal within 24 hours of seeing your post! We will be taking orders for these until January 31st! See MoreSee Less
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We are opening one spot for a massage therapist for our first year at CauldronFest! If you would be interested or know someone whom might like to join us for the first year please message us! See MoreSee Less
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This is the exclusive fragrance for CauldronFest 2022: Renewal and Rebirth! Cauldron Brew is described a mystical fragrance specifically selected for CauldronFest!!! A magickal blend fresh out of the cauldron with top notes of freshly brewed coffee, orange zest, white tea, with middle notes of cranberries, and cinnamon, rounded out with blonde woods. We are excited to be offering this fragrance in several of our products! See MoreSee Less
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